Visits of the Superior General

In late January, 2014 the Superior General of the Sulpicians, Father Ronald D. WITHERUP, pss made another set of visits, both canonical and fraternal, to various locales in Colombia, South America. Previous visits were conducted in October, 2013.

A major part of the visit was spent at Seminario Mayor Arquidiocesano San Pedro Apóstol in Cali. Cali is the second largest city in Colombia, and the Sulpicians have ministered there since 1981. Four Sulpicians serve on the faculty, the Rector, Father Gustavo ISAZA, and Fathers Hernando Enrique CHITIVA, Norbayro LONDOÑO, and Carlos Julio MORENO. Four other members of the team are diocesan priests from Cali. Twenty-eight adjunct professors come to assist teaching classes.

This year seminary has 78 seminarians in the propaedeutic year, philosophy, and theology, including four in the pastoral year. They come from four dioceses, including Cali, Palmira, Buenaventura, and the Apostolic Vicariate of Guapi. In addition, there are several non-resident seminarians from nearby religious communities and a few lay students. The atmosphere was most cordial, and the solid spiritual tone of the seminary was evident.

In addition to the canonical visit to Seminario Mayor San Pedro, Father Witherup conducted fraternal visits to two confreres who are serving in seminary formation in Pasto. He also received a visit from Sulpician Mgr Héctor EPALZA, pss, Bishop of Buenaventura who was on his way to meetings in Bogotá.

At the beginning and end of his trip, Father Witherup visited the Casa Sacerdotal de San Sulpicio in Bogotá where a new head of the Latin American Delegation of the Canadian Province of Sulpicians, Father Joaquín CORTÉS, had just begun his duties. At the same time, Father Bernabé ECHEVERRY, commenced an assignment as the local superior of that house.

This visitation completes Father Witherup’s visits to South America at this time. He expresses his sincere gratitude to all who helped make the visits a great success.

A few photos follow.

Scenes from Cali 
Scenes from Pasto