From March 3rd to 13th, 2013 at Le Grand Séminaire at Issy-les-Moulineaux twenty-one members of the French Province of Sulpicians is meeting at a Provincial Assembly to address various issues facing the life of the Province and to elect a new Provincial and Provincial Council. The Assembly is held every six years.

Father Bernard PITAUD, p.s.s., who will end his second and final term as Provincial at the end of June, has organized this Assembly, with the aid of the Provincial Council: MM. Jean-Loup LACROIX, Jean-Marc MICAS, Paul Tran LOC, and Henri de LA HOUGUE. The sixteen other delegates come from France, Vietnam and various countries in Africa. Also participating is the Provincial Secretary, Gilles CHAILLOT, p.s.s.

The Society invites prayers for these confreres gathered in Assembly. May the Lord provide the wisdom and guidance needed to do the Lord’s will effectively!