Society of Saint Sulpice Prays for Him

The stunning announcement on Monday 11 February 2013 that Pope Benedict XVI has decided to resign his charge as the successor of the Apostle Peter, effective on 28 February, certainly came as a surprise.

The Society of Saint Sulpice expresses its sincere best wishes to the Holy Father as he prepares for his retirement. We are grateful for the many insightful teachings and his leadership of the Catholic Church during the nearly eight years of his pontificate. We recognize in this bold and historic move the humility with which the Holy Father originally took up his post on April 19, 2005, and the courage he has exercised in the execution of his office. If the move is an unprecedented one since centuries ago, it is nonetheless a courageous one for a pope in modern times.

The Sulpicians throughout the world assure the Holy Father of our prayers, and we pray for the wisdom and the guidance of the Holy Spirit as the Church prepares for a consistory to choose his successor.

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