29 Years at rue du Regard

On December 11, 2011 the Sulpician confreres of Séminaire Saint-Sulpice at 6 rue du Regard were finally able to have a dinner to honor Father Jean-Pierre DUGUÉ who retired as Econome of the house at the end of August. Various circumstances had prevented the celebration until now.

Anyone who has passed through the Sulpician house in the 6th arrondissement of Paris knows Father Dugué. He spent twenty-nine years (and one month!) managing the house as Econome. He finally retired from that position at the end of the August. Then he graciously accepted the invitation of Cardinal André Vingt-Trois to become the chaplain of the retirement home for the Little Sisters of the Poor on Avenue de Breteuil.

Fathers C. Courtois, J.-P. Dugué, J. Mourier, B. Pitaud, G. Chaillot

The Sulpicians hosted an informal dinner for Father Dugué on Sunday, December 11, Gaudete Sunday, to thank him for his many years of dedicated service. He has had a great impact on the many people who have resided or passed through the house, especially the young students who have lodged in the house while studying at nearby technical schools or universities. In addition, his management of the house enabled it to survive in difficult economic circumstances.

Father Dugué’s successor as the house manager is a lay woman, Mme Catherine Eve ROUPERT, who lives not far away and who has taken up the reins with lots of energy. Father Jean MOURIER, pss, remains the Superior of the house, which continues to attract many student residents and visitors throughout the year.

We wish Father Dugué many blessings in the future, as he continues his ministry. Many thanks for your service to Saint Sulpice!

Séminaire Saint-Sulpice, Paris