Website Inaugurated, September 2011

The Society of Saint Sulpice is happy to welcome to the World Wide Web the French Province of Sulpicians, which has just announced the establishment of a website: The new website, which is still under construction, is due largely to the efforts of Sulpician Father Benoît MAGNE, pss, and Mlle Hélène MAGNE.

Up to the present the Province had only relied upon the website of its seminary, Séminaire Saint-Sulpice at Issy-les-Moulineaux ( Now the Province will be able to maintain its own dedicated site to disseminate up-to-date information about developments on the level of the Province. It joins the U.S. Province ( and Canadian Province ( of Sulpicians, each of which has had a website for many years. We hope that this new development will enable better and quicker communication throughout the Sulpician network. The site also welcomes comments and suggestions for improvement. We invite you to visit this newest Sulpician presence in cyberspace.

NOTE: The logo for this article is a photograph of a 19th century "AM" insignia for "Auspice Maria" (under the protection of Mary), found at the site of Notre Dame de la Paix Church on the island of Akameru in the Gambier Islands. The insignia is found in all Sulpician institutions and was also favored by many other French missionary groups.