The Society of the Priest of Saint Sulpice is proud to announce the publication of a new, critical biography of Father Jean-Jacques OLIER, founder of the Sulpicians. Written by a renowned expert in spirituality, Father Bernard Pitaud, PSS, this biography is the result of extensive research in the Memoirs of Father Olier and related materials from the seventeenth century. The book is titled, Jean-Jacques Olier (1608-1657) and is published by Lessius in Belgium.

couverture biographie olier pitaud

It is available for 45 Euros in many European bookstores, and an English-language translation is now underway of this monumental work. As is explained in the Preface, written by Ronald D. WITHERUP, PSS, the Superior General of the Sulpicians, this book provides an entirely new, scientifically supported account of the life and work of Father Olier. It will serve for generations to come as testimony of Father Olier’s genius and unwavering commitment to evangelization and priestly formation.

The Society extends sincere thanks and congratulations to Father Pitaud!


pitaud bernard