The Archives of Saint Sulpice, Paris

The Archives of Saint Sulpice in Paris recently launched a new restoration policy for antique manuscripts and books in need of restoration. It began with the delivery of the first three restored manuscripts: manuscript 19 of the Autograph Documents of Father Olier; manuscript 1150, which is the Notice on Father Duclaux, the 10th Superior of the Seminary of Saint Sulpice; and manuscript 1306, called The Registry of General Assemblies from 1659 to 1722.

After bringing the premises of our Archives into compliance with contemporary conservation conditions stipulated in the NF ISO 11799 standards relating to the conservation of archives and libraries, the General Council decided to address the pressing question of the restoration of its aging collections, which are precious for the history of Saint Sulpice and the first seminaries in France, Canada, and the United States.

With the aid of Mr. Zakaria Hilal, the Archivist, and Fr. Bernard Pitaud PSS, the Sulpician representative to the Archives for the General Council, the Superior General Fr. Ronald D. Witherup, PSS and General Council have set aside a substantial sum of money in a specific fund dedicated to this objective in order to allow the restoration of the documents most in need of urgent care.

The documents are first identified before a report on their condition is drawn up. The historical or financial value of each document obviously sets the priority for sending them for restoration. A file documenting the intervention conducted by our professional binder-restorer is compiled in order to keep a history of the operations carried out on the document and the materials used to bring it back to life.

Once the documents are restored, they are placed in the new Archive space where optimal conservation conditions ensure a new durability. This means a constant temperature at 18°C (64°F) without variation, the humidity level controlled at around 50%, and a permanent renewal of fresh air preventing the formation and growth of microorganisms.


restauration mss 19 1150 1306 juin 2022Restored Manuscripts 19, 1150, and 1306


Translator : Father Ronald D. Witherup.