Pierre de MARTIN DE VIVIÉS, Osée, « Mon ABC de la Bible », Paris : Les Éditions du Cerf, 2023, 155 p.

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We draw your attention to the publication in September 2023 of a new issue of the collection My ABC of Bible, by Cerf, that Pierre de MARTIN DE VIVIÉS, PSS,  dedicates to the figure of the prophet Hosea.

Summary :

Hosea, "little" prophet by the size of his book, but "great" prophet by his theology and his critical involvement in a kingdom of Israel that is heading towards its loss. Hosea testifies to the Covenant between God and his people, of the love given and of the expected fidelity. It is Pierre de Martin de Viviés, priest of the Company of Saint-Sulpice, doctor in theology and history of religions, professor of biblical exegesis at the Catholic University of Lyon, who is here your guide to (better) discover Hosea, one of the oldest prophets of Israel.

Identification of the author or authors, scriptural, historical, cultural and editorial context, literary analysis, structure and summary, detailed examination of major themes, study of reception, influence and current events, lexicon of places and people, chronology, maps, bibliography: the greatest specialists of Scripture are your instructors. My “ABC of the Bible", or a toolbox for an informed and lively reading of the Book of Books.