Saint Sulpice, Bishop

Born in Vatan en Berry, saint Sulpice was called “the pious” or “the good,” on account of the docility of his character. He spent his first years at the court of the king of Bourgogne. He was a chaplain in the army of king Clotaire II, who nominated him the archbishop of Bourges in 624. A true example of the “good shepherd,” he always preached by example. He was dedicated to the assistance of the poor and the conversion of Jews in his episcopal city. He died on january 17, 647, and was buried near Bourges in an abbey that was reorganized under his care.

In 1211, a church for the people dependant on the abbey of Saint Germain-des- prés was built and dedicated to his patronage. Jean-Jacques Olier became pastor of the parish in 1642. He transferred the small community of Vaugirard to a building close to the church in the same year. Thus, the Seminary of Saint Sulpice was born. It would give its name to the society that served the parish and directed the seminary.