Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle, Priest


Born in Reims on april 30, 1651, Jean-Baptiste de La salle entered the Seminary of Saint Sulpice in 1670. Family obligations obliged him to return rapidly to Reims. During his brief sojourn in the seminary, he was introduced to concern for and the activities of catechetical and scholarly renewal by his professors. This activity was particularly strengthened in the parish of Saint Sulpice during and after the pastorate of Jean-Jacques olier.

Jean-baptiste de La salle founded the Institute of the Brothers of christian schools, whose purpose is to give to children a christian education. The major themes of his spirituality closely relate to themes that were dear to Monsieur Olier : to work with all one’s strength for the salvation of souls, to give central place to the incarnate word, to adhere to the Lord’s mysteries in docility to his spirit. He died in Rouen on friday, april 7, 1719.