Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Monfort, Priest


Louis-Marie Grignon de Monfort was born in Brittany on january 31, 1673. He was animated by a great love of the cross and a vivid devotion towards the Virgin Mary. He arrived as a mendicant in Paris (1693), and lived in poverty. After he began his studies in theology at the Sorbonne, he was admitted to the community called “the Little seminary of Saint Sulpice.”

Ordained priest in 1700, his missions and his apostolic zeal greatly marked a portion of the west of France. He died on april 28, 1716 in Saint Laurent-sur-Sèvre (in the diocese of Luçon). Many congregations trace their origins to him. His most well-known work, the treatise on true devotion to the blessed Virgin Mary, implicitly recapitulates much of the spiritual tradition that the Seminary of Saint Sulpice inherited from Jean-Jacques Olier.